UK Magnetic Bike Trainer Stand Reviews

I would have thought that the same bike turbo stand would be sold throughout the world, however my research shows that these cycle turbo stands are imported and re-labelled separately for each country. Below are my UK Magnetic Bike Trainer Stand Reviews.

My list of UK Magnetic Bike Trainer Stand Reviews
BDBikes Bike Magnetic Turbo Trainer Amazon number 1 best seller

Top of the range PedalPro MK II Adjustable Magnetic Bicycle Turbo Trainer

PedalPro Magnetic Bicycle Turbo Trainer

Popamazing Bike Bicycle Magnetic Trainer

ViVo© TT Magnetic Bicycle Turbo Trainer

Magnetic Turbo Trainer 7 Resistance Levels Easy-Setup Stand for Cycling Bike Bicycle

Powerfly Folding Bike Cycle Magnetic Turbo Trainer Review

What are bike trainer stands?

UK Magnetic Bike Trainer Stand ReviewsA bike trainer stand or a turbo stand as we like to call them in the UK, is a great way to utilise your own bike to exercise on indoors, instead of buying an expensive purpose-built exercise machine. For those of you wanting to keep up your level of fitness in bad weather, or those of us just wanting your home comforts (like the TV) as we exercise.

A magnetic turbo trainer has 2 main jobs to do:

  1. It has to hold your bike steady (very steady! this is import for your safety and confidence to train as hard as you like).
  2. It has to slow your wheel down in a natural progressive way, as if you are riding your bike on a road. The rear wheel rests upon a smooth bar which is connected to a progressive magnetic resistor, the faster you pedal the greater the magnetic resistance.

These are my main 2 criteria for a good indoor bike trainer stand quality and a well-built strong magnetic resistor unit. Everything else is just extras, and that’s what my reviews are for, sorting the useful features from the gimmicks.

If you want more information and to know what I look for in a good turbo trainer check out my post out on what to look for in a bike exercise stand.

I hope my separating of UK magnetic bike trainers reviews into countries instead of clumping them all together has been helpful for you.