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UK Best indoor bike trainer for under £40 | 2016

A lot of these bike trainer stands all look the same so why is there such a wide range of prices? In this post I’ll be looking at the sub £40 stands, I’ll let you know why they are so cheap and which is the better one.

The bike stands I have found for less than £40 are:

There are more on sale but most are the same models as above, sold by the same suppliers but under a different name.

As I mentioned above exercise stands all look the same but they have different prices, this is because they all share the same metal frame design (because it works) but it’s what is attached to the frame which makes the difference.

I’m afraid with bike stands it’s a case of what you pay is what you get, and for £40 it’s not a lot.

These stands are as basic as it gets except for the DTX Fitness Adjustable Bicycle Turbo Trainer, but they cheat as I’ll tell you later. All that is added to these frames are the cheapest resistance unit and a basic fastener to hold your bike onto the frame.

While I’ve said that these are the cheapest resistor units they are not useless, they will slow your wheel as you pedal and you will get fitter and lose weight if you regularly use your bike exercise stand, it’s just that the workout experience is not “easy / enjoyable” as a more expensive unit.

What do I mean by that? A cheaper resistance unit is all or nothing, it’s a bit like riding up a hill all the time, it’s hard to start and the machine stops as soon as you stop pedalling, where as a more expensive unit with a fly wheel has a more gradual start and when you stop pedalling the wheel slows down instead of stopping straight away. You still do the same exercise it’s just more enjoyable.

So which of these Bike trainer stands is the best?

Apart from the DTX Fitness Adjustable Bicycle Turbo Trainer these stands are identical. So looking at the small print I’ve found that the Popamazing and the Tinxs 2014 have free delivery making these two my best buy for under £40

The PedalPro Bicycle Turbo Trainer has a £2.95 delivery charge but if you don’t like the black colour of the other two and you would prefer white then this is as good as the other two.

Which leaves the DTX Fitness Adjustable Bicycle Turbo Trainer. While this is listed as under £40 there is a massive £9.95 delivery charge. But they are not ripping you off because you are getting so much more for your money. There is a better resistance unit which even has a handlebar mounted resistance adjuster and there is even a front wheel raiser which if bought separately would cost £12. This makes this bike stand better value for money, but way over the £40 limit, so because of the price it’s coming last in my list.

Best indoor bike trainer for under £40

Joint 1st place

2nd place lost out by the postage cost

3rd place because all in comes to £49.94, but would be top in a sub £50 class

  • DTX Fitness Adjustable Bicycle Turbo Trainer

Where to buy these stands

Click the name link above to take you to Amazon where I have found these great prices, where you will get fantastic quick delivery so you could be exercising in your own home within a few short days.

If you want a better bike exercise stand check out my choice for best bike trainer stand under £100

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