Top 3 budget stationary bike stands

Here I am looking at  budget stationary bike stands for under $100 and 3 jump out at me as best buys.

I have not looked for the cheapest, but for value and the features you need.

If you are just getting into bike exercise stands you may have seen the vast number of bike stands especially here at Amazon, they all look similar but have a wide range of prices from $32.99 to $1000. Why?

I’ll show you what to look for, what to avoid and of course my top choices.

What to look for in a bike exercise stand

Build Quality

The first criteria to look for in a bike exercise stand are strength and build quality.

The stand has to take a lot of weight (especially in my case) and stress as you exercise.

You don’t want the stand to start sagging and lean over to one side… It has to hold you upright! And you don’t want to have the fear of toppling over.

Next you have to see if your bike will fit into the stand.

Unfortunately you can’t tell just by looking at online photos just how large the stand is. Sometimes in the description of products this is vital fact is omitted, and it can be a right pain and expensive (the bike stands are heavy) to return your stand if it turns out your bike does not fit.


Another consideration to take into account is the features and extras of the stationary bike stand.

Some are useless and a waste of money to the majority of bikes and riders out there but essential to a minority, some features are nice to have but not essential, they all push up the price!


Noise is a problem for many people while they exercise.

You may want to watch TV, listen to music on headphones or you may need to keep the noise down because of other people. I have chosen bike stands with the least amount of complaints about noise from reviews of people who have already bought these exercise bike stands.

Is the exercise stand right for you?

The final criterion is will it work for you? I have ruled out any that are useless giving no resistance training at all, however if you are extremely fit looking to keep up your fitness level in bad weather I’m afraid a budget stationary bike stand is not going to be any use to you and you will have to bite the bullet and buy a more expensive model.

Best budget stationary bike stand

My number one top choice, and Amazons best seller is the Magnet Steel Bike Bicycle Indoor Exercise Trainer Stand.

This is a purpose made exercise bike stand with no frills, twiddly bits or flash paint job.

It is designed with the sole purpose of letting you exercise indoors on your bike. Made from heavy-duty steel for strength and stability, and with state of the art progressive magnetic resistance (the faster you pedal the more it resists you) also for a quiet workout.

But a feature I like is it also comes with a 5 level resistance controller that is attached to your handlebar, making it easier for you to vary the strength of resistance and to mix up your ride, easy for a short time and then harder without having to get off your bike.

Second best budget stationary bike stand

My second choice for budget stationary bike stand is the Conquer Indoor Bike Trainer Portable Exercise Bicycle Magnetic Stand.

This is a very stylish will made exercise machine, It is quiet and comes with a front wheel raiser and for people with hollow spindles on their back wheel there is a supplied quick release bar.

With no serious complaints in the buyer’s reviews this is a great buy.

The reason it’s not my first choice is the lack of resistance controller for the handlebar and its price. Including packaging costs it is more expensive than the Magnet Steel Bike Bicycle Indoor Exercise Trainer Stand.

Third Best budget stationary bike stand

In third place I have picked the RAD Cycle Products Indoor Portable Magnetic Work Out Bicycle Trainer.

I chose this one for its sturdy well-made robust build. It is the heaviest of all the bike stands I have reviewed but that is not a bad thing. Being able to clamp your bike into this solid frame, it gives you reassurance as you exercise with no wobbles and little chance of tipping over.

However this is a very basic model which is why it is in third place.

For more information and where to buy one of these stationary bike stands

If you are interested in these static bike stands you can check out more reviews and buy them here at Amazon and because of their quick delivery times you could be having a cycle workout in no time.

I hope you like my choices and that you find them useful. Even if you want to do more research yourself, I have given you some features to look for when you are looking to buy a budget stationary bike stand.

If you have found or can recommend a better indoor bike exercise stand please let me know in the comments below.

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