The best stationary bike stand of 2016 for under £100

If you are looking for the best stationary bike stand for under £100 that you can use for easy exercise in the comfort of your own home, then you can’t go wrong with Amazons best seller the BDBikes Bike Magnetic Turbo Trainer, I’ll tell you why below.

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Why is the BDBikes Bike Magnetic Turbo Trainer the best stationary bike stand of 2016?

While the BDBikes Bike Magnetic Turbo Trainer is not perfect it does give you everything you need for easy enjoyable exercise at home. I’ll give you my reasons why I recommend this cycle stand as my best buy of 2016

The first is quality of the parts used. This is not a budget bike trainer stand, it incorporates many quality features missing from cheaper stands, but it gives you them at great price.

Let’s start with the main feature, the magnetic resistance unit. This is the best unit I have seen offered on sub £100 stands, It’s quiet like most magnetic resistors but it incorporates the largest flywheel on any unit in this price range.

Why do you need a flywheel these I hear you ask? Well together with the resistor magnets they give you a much more pleasing resistance experience almost as if you are riding your bike out on the road, unlike a cheaper unit that is all or nothing in the resistance, this stand builds up the resistance and has a slower wind down when you stop pedaling. I know you are buying this for the exercise but the experience can make you hate it or want to come back for more.

Keeping with the resistor unit another quality feature is the inclusion of a 5 speed remote adjuster which can be fitted to your handlebars. This gives you a much better exercise experience as you can adjust the resistor to make your exercise as easy or had as you like. You can even change the resistance and therefore the ease/toughness as you exercise making your exercise regime more interesting, again giving you a better exercise experience.

Another great feature of this bike trainer stand is that it has a quick release on the mounting bolts. This makes it much easier (once set up) to remove and mount your bike when starting or finishing your exercise.

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Added to all this is the inclusion of a front wheel raiser block and a quick release skewer. Note: The quick release skewer is only needed if your bikes wheel has a hollow axle.

At the beginning of this post I said the BDBikes Bike Magnetic Turbo Trainer is not perfect, while this stand is perfect for the unfit cyclist wanting exercise, the resistance may not be strong enough for the very fit cyclist looking to keep their fitness level up over the winter months. For example there is resistance while pedaling sat in the seat but you will easily overcome the resistance if you try to stand up on the pedals and “go for it”. So I would not recommend this for the fit experienced cyclist.

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