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The Best Conquer Indoor Bike Trainer

Conquer indoor bike trainer review

Conquer indoor bike trainerThis is Conquers top of the range bike trainer stand, still an entry-level exercise stand aimed at the beginner cyclist and those of us wanting to lose weight. While it is “only” an entry-level stand is has many more and better features than the Conquer indoor bike trainer basic model. See my review of this indoor bike exercise stand here.

This stand has many new features not yet seen on stands at this level, I’ll go over them for you while also pointing out any negatives I find as I go along.

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Features of the Conquer indoor bike trainer.

  • NEW Quick Release mounting system allows you to easily mount bike
  • Remote shifter for quickly changing progressive magnetic resistance
  • Extra wide frame for stability
  • Compatible with 26 in., 27 inch and 700c bike
  • Front Wheel Riser Block Included

More features not mentioned by conquer

  • Flywheel on the resistor unit
  • Level adjusters on each leg
  • Quick release spindle included

How does these features make this a better bike trainer

Conquer indoor bike trainerThe strong, heavy-duty and well-made steel frame is the same as the one used in the basic model but it has more or better peripherals bolted on to make this stand a better and more pleasing exercise stand to train upon.

This reassuringly stable frame is only able to support bikes with wheel sizes of 26”,27” or a 700c tire.

Quick release mounting bolt

Conquer indoor bike trainerThere is a new large easy to use quick release mounting bolt added to the frame. Once you have your bike setup and mounted it is a very simple matter of flipping the quick release to remove your bike from the frame and the next time you want to exercise it’s a matter of seconds to refit your bike back into the stand.


Moving on to the very quiet but not silent resistor, this is a big step up from many basic cheap bike trainer stands. Often glossed over on more expensive resistor units is the addition of a small flywheel. This adds inertia to the resistance you experience while riding your bike on the stand, giving you a much more realistic resistance similar to what you would feel if you were riding your bike on the road.

Adjustable resistor

Conquer indoor bike trainerThe second addition to the conquer indoor bike trainer is an adjustable magnetic resistor unit, not only that but the adjuster fits (somewhat fiddly) to your handlebars, unlike cheaper models that may have only one fixed resistance or the adjuster is located under your rear wheel. An adjuster enables you to make your exercise workout as easy or hard as you want it to be. Also for variation some people like to mix it up, easy for one song and then hard for the next. Or in my case you can follow a workout exercise routine.

Adjuster feet

This bike exercise frame has rubberized feet which resist slipping adding to the stability of your frame but they can also be twisted to level the stand if you have an uneven floor. This reduces wobble and vibration as you exercise at high-speed.

My conclusion of the Conquer indoor bike trainer

While its price may seem high compared to other bike trainer stands this fully featured stand is actually well priced (you get what you pay for). The features listed above will make the Conquer indoor bike trainer an easier and more pleasing exercise machine to ride upon.

Where to buy the Conquer indoor bike trainer?

Conquer indoor bike trainerIn my experience I have found Amazon to have the best price and fast delivery. Click here for best price and more details.

If you are still looking for more information check out my review of Amazons number one best-selling indoor bike trainer exercise stand.