Soozier Magnetic Resistance Cycling Indoor Bike Trainer Stand, it’s cheap but is it worth the money?

Soozier Magnetic Resistance Cycling Indoor Bike Trainer StandThis Soozier Magnetic Resistance Cycling Indoor Bike Trainer Stand is the most basic model from the Soozier range, it’s a basic entry-level magnetic resistance cycle stand perfect for someone looking for easy exercise in the comfort of their own home. In my review of this product I’ll be looking to see how good it is for exercise, is it worth the money or is there something better at this price?

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In my review of the Soozier bike trainer I’ll go over its features and explain how they will affect you and your exercise experience.

Features of the Soozier bike trainer

  • Magnetic resistance
  • Built with a sturdy steel frame
  • Precision-machined roller to reduce tire wear
  • Easily folds down for travel and storage
  • Bike mounting system locks down easily on quick release or bolt on rear wheels: 26″, 27″ or 700C wheels

Features in detail

Soozier Magnetic Resistance Cycling Indoor Bike Trainer StandLet’s start with the frame. If you have been looking at other bike trainer stands you will see that they all look very similar. This is because this design works!… It’s strong and sturdy, it will hold your bike securely with no wobbles and it will give you the confidence to exercise as hard as you would like with no fear of tipping over once in the saddle. When you have finished exercising your bike is easy to remove and the frame folds flat for easy storage until the next time.

Attached to the stand is the basic resistance unit…. This is what makes this bike stand so cheap. It has a fixed resistance level… not a problem for the beginner or the unfit as you can use your gears on the bike to make your exercise workout easy or hard. Unfortunately as you get fitter this unit can easily have its resistance overcome, making for either a jerky pedaling experience or it may feel like there is no resistance at all at high wheel speeds. It’s not for the experienced cyclist looking to keep fit over the winter months.

The mounting system while basic with no quick release, does have a locking mechanism so the bolts that hold your bike in place do not work loose, which stop your bike from falling off the frame.

The Soozier bike trainer fits wheel sizes of 26” 27” or 700c tires.

What is missing from this bike exercise stand?

The majority of people who buy exercise stands, also buy a front wheel raiser block, while not necessary (I used books to start with) they do improve your exercising experience. The front wheel raiser block levels your bike which in turn takes weight and the ache off your wrists.

A must have for people who have wheels with hollow axles, is a quick release skewer (a matter of minutes to fit). The plastic ends on these type of wheels is not strong enough to hold you and your bikes weight.

Bad Points

A recurring complaint for this stand is the assembly instructions are less than useless… If you are mechanically minded the assembly is straight forward, but some people have struggled.

My conclusion of the Soozier Magnetic Resistance Cycling Indoor Bike Trainer Stand

Soozier Magnetic Resistance Cycling Indoor Bike Trainer StandThis is a very basic but sturdy entry-level model. It will do its job which is to hold your bike up and slow your wheel down as you exercise on it. A plus point is there are many satisfied buyers, but at the price being asked it is not the cheapest bike exercise stand on the market (at the time of writing) and you can find better at or below this asking price.

The price of bike trainer stands are changing daily, I would recommend the Soozier Magnetic Resistance Cycling Indoor Bike Trainer Stand if it is the best priced bike exercise stand, but at the time of writing the slightly better stand by Best Fitness is $5 cheaper and the far superior Amazons number 1 best seller is only $3 more.

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