Professional bike trainer stands reviews

I research and review the high-end of the bike resistance trainer stands. I’m looking for exercise stands that a professional cyclist would use as part of their fitness regime, to keep up a peak fitness level, or as I have seen as a warm up before a race.

Professional resistance machine reviews

I have sorted my reviews into countries they can be found and bought in.


Kinetic Rock n Roll 2.0 Trainer

Kinetic Road Machine 2.0

2013 Kinetic Road Machine Review


Kinetic Rock n Roll 2.0 Trainer

Kinetic Road Machine 2.0

Professional bike trainer stands reviewMost cheap magnetic trainer stands are only suitable for the unfit and overweight. A bold statement but one I have personal experience of. Having not ridden my bike for 3 years and massively overweight and unfit, I bought myself a cheap magnetic bike trainer stand and used it along with road work for 6 months… Still over weight but much fitter, my magnetic bike stand is of very little use to me. I just can’t pedal fast enough, or I’m pedaling too fast to get any resistance from my exercise stand.

I am by no means a fit cyclist but I have reached the limits of my cheap magnetic stand… It’s time to look for a professional set up, something that will test me and keep my fitness level up.

I’m not looking for a bargain any more; I’m looking for quality both of build and resistance technology. I’m paying good money… It has to last and it must keep my fitness level up.