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Powerfly Folding Bike Cycle Magnetic Turbo Trainer Review

My review of the Powerfly Folding Bike Cycle Magnetic Turbo Trainer will be short…

Not because it is rubbish but because it’s a very basic bike turbo trainer and because it is very expensive compared to other bike stands out there. I’ll save your time from reading my review by recommending a better, fully featured and cheaper bike stand, the ViVo© TT Magnetic Bicycle Turbo Trainer.

Click see my review of the fully featured cheap ViVo© TT Magnetic Bicycle Turbo Trainer or nip over to Amazon to check it out.

It’s not that the Powerfly Turbo Trainer is a bad stand it’s a well-made, great colour (I like the red one) and does what it’s supposed to do… it holds the bike upright and slow the back tyre down as you pedal.

Features of the Powerfly Folding Bike Cycle Magnetic Turbo Trainer

  • Turn your own bike into an indoor cycle trainer
  • Adjustable resistance levels make it easy to vary your workouts
  • Fits bikes of 26″-28″ wheel size
  • Comes fully assembled and can be easily folded for travel and storage
  • Heavy duty steel frame is sturdy yet easy to use
  • 2 colours – red – silver

Let’s run through the features in detail

You are able to turn your bike into an exercise machine, this is a cheap form of indoor cycle exercise, utilising your own bike instead of buying an expensive cycle machine.

Adjustable resistance levels – This is not quite what it seems. Most bike trainers have adjustable magnetic resistors to vary your workout, but this stand you have to tighten the resistor bar to the tyre. This is wrong, you should be relying on the magnetic resistor to slow the tire down not increasing the pressure.

Note: as you tighten the bolt increases the noise (a big problem) and increased wear on the mechanical parts and tire.

Fits bike wheels 26” to 28”- That is normal for these turbo trainers however because of the way you have to tighten the resistance bar it has been noted that a soft tyre catches on the plastic guard.

A great feature is that this bike stand comes fully assembled, you could be exercising within minutes of un-boxing! And when you have finished this bike stand folds flat for easy storage or transport.

As stated above this stand is well made from heavy-duty steel making this a very sturdy and safe bike exercise stand to use.

My conclusion of the Powerfly Folding Bike Cycle Magnetic Turbo Trainer

The Powerfly bike stand is a well-made but basic trainer stand which is greatly overpriced. If you still think this is the trainer for you check out other people’s reviews here at Amazon.

However if you are looking for a great, cheap and fully featured entry-level bike turbo stand please check out my review of the ViVo© TT Magnetic Bicycle Turbo Trainer.