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Popamazing Bike Bicycle Magnetic Trainer

Welcome to my review of the Popamazing Bike Bicycle Magnetic Trainer, here I’ll tell  you what I like about this bike trainer stand and what I don’t, I’ll also find out if it’s a bargain like its price suggests or if you should look elsewhere.

I’ll be comparing this indoor cycle trainer to Amazon UK best seller the BDBikes bike magnetic turbo (see my BDBikes review here), let’s see if it stands up to the competition.

First off is the price… It’s cheap, a lot cheaper than the majority of bike trainer stands, and the good thing is there are no hidden delivery costs.

The style and materials used is very similar to all other bike stands in this price range. Quality heavy-duty steel has been used and it’s even been noted that the welding is neat!

It will work with bikes that have wheel sizes of 26” to 28” and 700c the same as most other cycle stands

So far it is standing up very well, but now we get to the cost savings, let’s see if they matter to you.

So far we have a strong well-built frame but the fasteners that keep your bike fixed in place are basic. Not a big problem but having a quick release system does save time and hassle of fitting and removing your bike to the stand. If you have the space and are keeping your bike attached to the stand for long periods this is not a problem.

The biggest saving in the manufacture of the Popamazing Bike Bicycle Magnetic Trainer has been made with the magnetic resistance module. This is very basic, with no way to adjust the resistance settings at all, this is a fixed resistance bike stand. At first this may not be a problem as you can use your gears on your bike to make your training as hard or as easy as you like, however as your fitness level increases you may find that this system is not strong enough for you.

My Conclusion of the Popamazing Bike Bicycle Magnetic Trainer

This is a basic, no frills, well made bike trainer stand that will keep your bike steady as you exercise. If there was nothing else available at this price range then I would say it’s a good buy. But there are other stands at this price and they are better so I would suggest you check out the ViVo© TT Magnetic Bicycle Turbo Trainer before buying.