PedalPro Magnetic Bicycle Turbo Trainer

This is PedalPros mid range model (see a review for top of the range PedalPro turbo trainer here) and I’ll be finding out the following for you; Is this magnetic bicycle trainer any good? Is it worth it’s money? Is there anything better out there at the same price? I’ll be answering these question and more in my review of the PedalPro Magnetic Bicycle Turbo Trainer. Let’s find the dirt on this product!

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Those of you still wanting a review then lets crack on… Let’s start with the features.

  • Heavy Duty Steel & Aluminium Construction
  • Variable Speed – Includes 7 Speed Handlebar Mounted Control
  • Suitable for 26″ – 28″ and 700C Wheel Sizes
  • Bicycle Fits and Releases from Trainer Quickly and Easily
  • Easy To Assemble – Trainer Complete Out of the Box
  • Includes Quick Release Skewer for Rear Bicycle Hub
  • Front Wheel Stand
  • Adjusting locking Nut on Magnetic Set to Prevent Tyre Slipping Off Resistor
  • L: 54cm x W: 46cm x H: 41cm
  • Max Load: 120kg

Features of the PedalPro Magnetic Bicycle Turbo Trainer

Lots of info with these features but what do they mean to you. Let’s start with the most important feature… the build quality. This bike exercise stand is made from heavy-duty steel which gives you (while you exercise) a very reassuring feeling of sturdiness and stability, because let’s face it, this does have to take your weight and more, as you pedal away.

We now need to know if the magnetic resistor will be strong enough. There have been no complaints from other people who have bought this bike resistance stand and even one user who is a fit cyclist said that on the hardest setting it would “stretch his legs”… I believe that means that the resistance is good and not too easy. The good news is that there is a remote for adjusting the resistance of the exercise machine, which can be attached to your handlebar for ease of use. Being able to easily adjust the settings makes your workout much more varied, exciting and challenging.

Check out a workout for a bike trainer stand here.

The bike trainer stand comes fully made up and is very easy to set up… You could be training within minutes of opening the box! And when you have finished it’s also easy to remove your bike and it even folds flat for easy storage.

Added extras include a front wheel stand to level your bike while you exercise. Also included is quick release skewer for bikes with hollow spindle. NOTE you do not have to use this skewer if your bike wheel has normal bolts or a quick release bolt.

The magnetic resistor bar which your bike wheel rests upon is easily adjusted by a large locking nut which is used to press the bar against a range of tire sizes from 26” to 28” or a 700c wheel. Once you have set up the stand you can lock the adjusting bolt on place which will stop it working loose which would cause the tire to slip off the resistor.

My conclusion of the PedalPro Magnetic Bicycle Turbo Trainer

This is a well-made and fully specked bike trainer stand.

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