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PedalPro Bicycle Turbo Trainer. An entry level stand, is it good enough for you?

Today I’m reviewing the PedalPro Bicycle Turbo Trainer, a basic introductory stand suitable for those of you wanting to exercise on your own bike in the comfort of your home.

It’s for those of you wanting to lose weight or to get fit, it is not for the fit cyclist looking to maintain a high level of fitness as the magnet is not strong enough. In my review I’ll be looking to see if it is suitable for you along with the good points and the bad, I’ll finish with my conclusions and recommendations.

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The PedalPro Bicycle Turbo Trainer is the basic model in the PedalPro range, which also includes a top of the range fully specked exercise stand and a mid range cycle stand. I’ll go through the features and explain the differences  between these three stands.

Features of the PedalPro Bicycle Turbo Trainer

  • Easy To Assemble – Trainer Complete Out of the Box
  • Heavy Duty Steel & Aluminium Construction
  • Nut Lock on Magnetic Set to Prevent Tyre Slipping – Speed Knob Quick Release Adjusters
  • Suitable for 26″ – 28″ and 700C Wheel Sizes
  • Includes Quick Release Skewer for Rear Bicycle Hub to Ensure Precise & Safe Fitment in Trainer

The Frame

If you have looked at other bike exercise stands you will have seen that they all look the same. That’s because they all use the same frame (because it works!), it’s a solid heavy-duty steel construction that keeps you bike stable even during your more energetic exercises with little chance of it tipping over.

Quick release adjusters

It’s what is bolted to the frame that makes this a basic entry level model. Let’s start with the mounting bolts that hold your bike in place. These are very basic screw in retaining bolts, but they do have a locking mechanism to stop them working lose while you exercise. More expensive models have quicker releasing bolts, they don’t hold your bike any firmer but they are more convenient and quicker to use.

It’s a basic magnetic resistor

Now we get to the main cost saving on the PedalPro Bicycle Turbo Trainer, the magnetic resistance unit. This is a basic one level resistance system, not a problem for the beginner or for people with a low level fitness as you can use the gears on your bike, but it does reduce the overall resistance range that a more expensive multi-level resistance unit will give.

This unit is also lacking a flywheel again not a problem as such but the lack of one gives an un-natural feel to your bike, it’s like riding up hill and them slamming the breaks on when you stop pedaling.

Added extras

The PedalPro Bicycle Turbo Trainer comes with a few extras which other cheap stands do not.

  • It comes fully assembled – You could be exercising within minutes of opening the box
  • Rear wheel quick release skewer – NOTE this is not essential. It is for wheels with hollow axles as the plastic ends are not strong enough to hold the bike in the stand.

What’s missing?

  • A front wheel raiser – While not essential it does level your bike giving you a more natural riding position plus it removes weight and stress from your wrists. You could use books instead (I did!) but a stand is much better.

My conclusion of the PedalPro Bicycle Turbo Trainer

This is a very basic stand aimed at novice and unfit cyclists, while it has no outstanding features to set it apart from other turbo trainers it is a very cheap stand at under £40. Reviews from people who have bought this stand are very positive making this stand a good buy. Just beware of its limitations.

Where to buy the PedalPro Bicycle Turbo Trainer

I recommend you head over to Amazon here . They also have super-fast delivery and great service.

If you want more features and a more pleasing exercise experience check out my review of Amazons best seller or the price here.