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3 things to look for in bike trainer stand reviews

On this page I am going to tell you what you should look for in bike trainer stand reviews. Let’s face it at first glance the bike trainer stands all look the same, (Have a look at the massive range Amazon has!) but have wildly differing prices, why?

They all do have some subtle differences and it’s these differences that should be found in my bike stand reviews.

What to look for in bike trainer reviews.

  • Is the bike stand you are looking at suitable for you?
  • Does it do what you want it to do?
  • Are there any negative points that make it unsuitable for you?

There is more information to be gathered from indoor bicycle trainer reviews but these are the most important to look for.

Here is a sample of a review I have made for an indoor bike trainer stands:

Is the bike stand suitable for you?

I think the first and important bit of information to be gathered is can you use the bike stand being reviewed?

Does your bike fit into the stand? This may sound obvious but not all bikes are the same. You may have an ultra-modern road bike, or a beefy mountain bike.

A lot of comments I have seen is people asking if their 50 year old bike will fit, or even a fold up bike.

The governing factor for a bike fitting into a bike stand is the size and type of rear wheel.

The width doesn’t normally matter but size and type does. Most adult bike wheels will fit but some bikes have a hollow spindle covered with a plastic end, you can still use these but you have to look for a bike stand that comes supplied with a quick release bar to make your bike wheel fit (these take only minutes to fit and remove).

Noise is a governing factor for some people, you may have children asleep nearby, or you maybe you want to watch TV while you exercise.

In my reviews I have discovered that some stands are made to be silent while others are not, if they are loud I try to find solutions for you to remedy this problem.

Finally yourself… is the bike stand suitable for you. Size weight and fitness are all factors you should look for.

In most cases there are no limits however in my research there are one or two bike stands that do have a weight limit.

Fitness is a bit of a problem with some stands… You can be too fit! A nice problem but a problem never the less if you wish to keep fit and can’t get out on the roads. Some exercise stands cannot cope with the high speeds a fit athlete can maintain making far too easy and the rider getting very little resistance from the bike stand.

What does the exercise bike stand do?

Hopefully it holds your bike still while you exercise, but this is where the differences in bike trainer stands come in. Some have truly beneficial features while some have none, It’s these features that you need to look for, see if they are beneficial to you or just a waste of time. With the range of bike trainer stands out there you will find one that does just what you want and nothing more…Saving you money!

Negative points

A good review of indoor bike trainer stands should also show the flaws in the product (if there are any) These flaws may be just a niggle to some people but a positive annoyance to others, for example the bike stand may be a little noisy but turn your music up problem solved… But this is no good for the people who have children asleep next door.

I hope this post has shown you what to look for in bike trainer stand reviews. With the number of bike trainer stands out there you will find one suitable for you.

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