Ohuhu Magnet Steel Bike Bicycle Indoor Exercise Trainer Stand

Hi and welcome to my review of the Ohuhu Magnet Steel Bike Bicycle Indoor Exercise Trainer Stand, I’ll be looking to see what this bike exercise stand does better than other bike stands in this price range (especially Amazons best seller the magnet steel bike bicycle indoor exercise trainer stand), who is it suitable for?

The good points and the bad, and is there a better buy out there for you?

If you are looking for the best price and quick delivery and not a review I recommend you buy the Ohuhu Magnet Steel Bike Bicycle Indoor Exercise Trainer Stand here from Amazon USA or AmzonUK

Those of you still wanting the review let’s get on… I’ll start with its features.

Features of the Ohuhu Magnet Steel Bike Bicycle Indoor Exercise Trainer Stand

This is a fully featured bike stand with nothing left out, included in the list are:

  • Quiet [very low noise]and smooth magnetic resistance – Provides progressive magnetic resistance increases as the speed increases.
  • Textured resistance bar
  • Flexible internal resistance settings [no fixed levels]- Allows you to slowly increase/decrease resistance levels. Now you can adjust the best resistance level when training based on your own physical condition.
  • An adjustable bar-mounted remote allows you to effortlessly control the bike’s resistance from your handlebar.
  • Extra wide, stable frame provides solid performance during hard efforts. [Despite its heavy frame, this bike trainer can be easily folded for transportation and storage.]
  • Rubber feet
  • Easy setup – Hooks up to just about any bike, including road and mountain bikes with a 24″ -28 ” or 700c wheel. Fine-tune to your wheel and tire size with the micro-adjust knob
  • Front wheel raiser block

What I like about the Ohuhu magnet bike trainer stand.

The Ohuhu bike stand comes with a quality magnetic resistor. This works by slowing a rolling bar down (which your rear wheel sits on), as you pedal it gives the natural feeling that you would get as if you were riding your bike on a road. But the beauty of this magnetic resistor is that the faster you pedal the more resistance it gives you, giving you a great workout.

The bar that your wheel rest and works upon is textured for non-slip. Cheaper models just have a smooth bar which can lead to slippage and a jerky un-natural feeling as you pedal.

Noise is a problem with some of the cheaper indoor bike stands but the Ohuhu bicycle stand has a quiet magnetic resistor to keep the noise down while you exercise. However the tire you have fitted to your bike also affects the noise level, a knobbly tire makes excessive noise while slick tires make very little. If noise is a problem for you may want to fit road tires to your bike… Every bit helps.

Cheap bike stands come with a fixed resistance, not so this bike stand! The Ohuhu magnet resistor is infinitely variable making it easy for you to set the resistance to suit your fitness level and type of workout you may want.

For extra ease of use there is an adjuster that you can fix to your handlebar giving you the option to change the resistance as you need to…See my best bike trainer workouts for ideas of use.

The frame is extra wide and made from heavy-duty steel making this stand feel safe and sturdy while you are training with no fear of wobbling or tipping over even when you are exercising to your max. Included on the stand are rubberized feet for extra grip to reduce sliding any flooring.

Despite its size the Ohuhu bike stand folds down flat for easy storage or transportation.

Unlike some of the cheaper bike stands the Ohuhu magnet stand is able to fit a wider range of bike wheels ranging from 24” to 28” or a 700c wheel

Also included with the stand is a front wheel raiser block. While not essential it does make your bike feel more natural (level) and not as if you are riding downhill all the time, which could cause back ache on some bikes.

Problems with the Ohuhu Magnet Steel Bike Bicycle Indoor Exercise Trainer Stand

Because of it is constructed from quality parts it is heavy weighing in at 21lbs however this is a problem with all bike trainer stands

It has been suggested that the handlebar mounted adjuster could have a better quick release for ease use when you are dismantling your bike from the frame, although it is still a matter of seconds to remove.

Who is the Ohuhu indoor bike stand suitable for?

People with bikes with a wheel sizes 24” to 28” or 700c

The amateur cyclist who is looking to get fit or lose weight

People looking for a quality quiet cycle trainer stand


This is a well built sturdy bike trainer stand with surprisingly no complaints compared to other bike stands about build quality, ease of use or the noise made while using this product. So I have no hesitation in recommending this Ohuhu magnetic indoor bicycle exercise stand.

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