Magnetic Turbo Trainer 7 Resistance Levels Easy-Setup Stand for Cycling Bike Bicycle

Magnetic Turbo Trainer 7 Stand Review

In this review I’ll be covering this great turbo trainer, the Magnetic Turbo Trainer 7 Resistance Levels Easy-Setup Stand for Cycling Bike Bicycle…

A rubbish long-winded name for this bike trainer stand so I’ll shorten it to Magnetic Turbo Trainer 7 in future. With this turbo trainer you can use it indoors to keep your fitness level up while the weather conditions outside make going out on your road bike intolerable or for the convenience of just exercising in your own home.

It works by clamping your own bike into a frame with the back wheel resting on a resistance bar, making you feel like you are riding your bike out on the road, and with a remote resistor adjuster you can simulate different conditions, like inclines, head winds or flat roads.

I’ll be comparing it against my top choice and Amazons best seller the BDBikes magnetic turbo trainer see my review here.

If you have come to my site from YouTube and you are just wanting to buy the Magnetic Turbo Trainer 7 you can pick it up here and go straight to Amazon where you will find the best price and full product specs and also other buyer reviews.

Let’s look at the features of the Magnetic Turbo Trainer 7

  • All-steel frame structure provides you a security-training guarantee
  • Leveling feet.
  • Fully assembled stand and Fold able
  • The adjustable knob will fit your different wheel size (26″-28″, 700C)
  • Magnetic resistances with 7 resistance levels meet your specific needs about resistance and speed
  • Maximum noise-reduction magnetic wheel roller, designed with heat dissipation fan. You will never disturb your neighbours when training at your home with this quietest turbo trainer!
  • Comes with a front wheel support block
  • Weight capacity: 150KG – 23.6 Stone (including bike’s weight)

Ok let’s go through this in detail, the main feature I look for in a bike turbo trainer is the build quality.

The frame is made from heavy-duty steel, and looking at the photos the welding is of a high quality and a nice added feature is the end feet are adjustable so you can level the stand if the flooring is uneven making it a wobble free and safe bike trainer stand.

The Magnetic Turbo Trainer 7 stand comes fully assembled straight out of the box…

You could be exercising in minutes after un-boxing! And when you have finished with the trainer it folds flat making it convenient for storage or transport.

Something you have to know is does your bike fit into this frame? The stand has a large and easy to use adjuster knob which will adjust to fit rear wheel sizes of 26” to 28” or a 700c.

Now to the main feature which is the resistor unit, this is a quiet magnetic resistor with 7 levels of adjustable resistance.

With the built-in heat dissipation fan this unit runs very quietly, enabling you to watch TV or listen to music while you exercise without disturbing your neighbours (unlike cheaper turbo trainers).

This magnetic resistor is adjustable (some cheap units have a fixed resistance), also the adjusting control can be fixed to the handlebars of your bike for ease of use. The benefit of which is that you can easily make your bike harder or easier to pedal and you are able to simulate different riding scenarios; inclines, headwinds, downhill and flat sections. Or you may just want to mix it up when you are listening to music, hard for one song easy for the next. Or you can use it to adjust the resistance like in my turbo trainer workout exercises.

More features that are a nice add-on is the inclusion of a front wheel raiser, this levels your bike when it is fixed in the turbo trainer giving you a more natural riding position and not throwing your weight forward onto your wrists.

Another feature is the quick release on the locking nuts, not only does this make removal of your bike from the frame but it also makes fitting your bike back into the stand very quick as it is already adjusted to the right lengths.

The final addition to make this a fully loaded feature rich bike trainer is a quick release skewer… NOTE you do not have to use this… It is only for bikes with hollow axles as the protective plastic end caps are not strong enough to support the bike in the frame.

I have heard of people buying new wheels for their bikes just to use this skewer!

Bad points of the Magnetic Turbo Trainer 7 Stand

The price… It is considerably higher priced than the similar specked BDBikes Bike Magnetic Turbo Trainer

It’s a bit hard to find more faults with this bike turbo trainer. If I was to nit-pick it would be that it is a bit bland to look at… There are better paint jobs out there!


This is a very good bike turbo trainer, fully specked, well-built and a highly competent exercise machine, perfect for sustaining your level of fitness when the weather is bad or for the beginner just starting out and wanting to lose weight and get fit. 

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