Magnet Steel Bike Bicycle Indoor Exercise Trainer Stand

Magnet Steel Bike Bicycle Indoor Exercise Trainer Stand Review

Welcome to my review of the magnet steel bike bicycle indoor exercise trainer stand (that was a bit of a mouthful … I’ll be shortening that in this review).

This is a best seller in the Amazon store and I’ll find out why? if it’s suitable for you? the pros and the cons and even if there is something better.

If you have come to my site looking just to buy this magnet steel bike exercise stand you I recommend buying from your local Amazon store here. Because of free delivery I am recommending Amazon for their cheap price, service and quick delivery.

Special features:

  • Five internal resistance settings.
  • Quiet design, very low noise.
  • Easy fold for travel and storage. Heavy duty steel frame.
  • State of the art magnet system which provides progressive magnetic resistance, the resistance increases as the speed increases.
  • Assembled Dimensions: 21.4*19.4*15.5

What is the magnet bicycle indoor exercise trainer?

The magnet steel bike exercise trainer is a sturdy stand that you fix your own bike is to. The back wheel rests on a roller which is attached to a magnetic resistor, as you pedal the back wheel is slowed down, making your bike feel like it is on a road, giving you a pleasant natural way to keep fit.

If you want to avoid bad weather or the busy dangerous roads you can easily attach this stand to your cycle which can be used either indoors or outdoor in your yard as a static cycling trainer. It is suitable for almost all bikes including road or mountain with wheel size of 26” or 27”.

the bike exercise stand is an easy …may I say relaxing! form of workout. You simply set your bike into the stand turn on the TV and pedal along. But if you fancy a better work out then check out my beginner workouts for bike trainers .

How it works.

As you pedal the magnets set up a natural resistance, the faster you pedal the greater the resistance. If you want to change the resistance there is a 5 level adjuster that fits to the handlebar for your convenience. You can even change the settings as you exercise to give you a varied exercise routine.

Features explained.

The frame is made from heavy duty steel making this a solid durable safe bike stand. One user of this product at 6’ tall and 240 lbs, said that he felt totally secure with no wobble or chance of tipping over.

When in use this is a quiet running machine with many users able to watch TV or listen to music. Unfortunately some people who use this magnetic bike exerciser complain of excessive noise! However my research has discovered that the noise comes from the tires which are especially bad when the wheel has knobbly tires on. The noise problem is solved by fitting road tires to the bike.

The stand when not in use can be folded flat for compact discreet storage. But I must admit that with mine the adjuster (which is similar to a brake cable) has a life of its own and was always uncoiling and escaping.

When unfolded and with your bike attached this is a relatively small exercise machine, being not much wider than your bike with only a few inches overhanging from the back of the bike, allowing you to exercise in a very small space.

Why the magnet steel bike bicycle indoor exercise trainer stand is an Amazon best seller?

Simple! It’s cheaper than the rest of other similar indoor bike trainer stands. In this price range these exercise machines are very similar and people do look for a bargain, however this product does not come with a front wheel raiser which other models do include with their exercise stands.


  • Different settings for your level of fitness.
  • The magnet bicycle indoor exercise stand is a much cheaper alternative than buying the more expensive cycling machines.
  • It is well made and manufactured from heavy duty steel. It is robust and will last for years.
  • When not in use it folds away flat.
  • It’s quiet


  • It is heavy. Being made from heavy duty steel it does have some weight to it… However my father is in his late 70s and has no trouble moving and setting his stand up.
  • There is no front wheel raiser block. Not using a block to raise the front wheel makes your bike slope downward. This may not be a problem for most but for some people it puts more weight on the wrists causing them to ache, a wheel rising block cures this problem.
  • Resistance is not powerful enough for high performance riders. If you regularly ride your bike above 25 miles per hour some riders find that they have to peddle too fast because there is not enough resistance from the magnets.

Where to buy the magnet steel bike bicycle indoor exercise trainer stand

To buy at the best price and quick delivery click the Amazon link here.