Pro trainer Kinetic Rock n Roll 2.0 Trainer Review

Kinetic Rock n Roll 2.0 TrainerThe Kinetic Rock n Roll 2.0 Trainer is the top of the range trainer stand from Kinetic. All Kinetic cycle trainer stands have an amazing fluid resistor which naturally replicates the resistance you would find while riding out on the road, and they use this unit throughout their range… Now they are focusing on making your bike move more naturally, as it would while you pedal, with a side to side motion or as they like to describe their trainer stand, with a bit of “rock n roll”. You will find a video here to see it in action.

Why have a pivot system?

Kinetic Rock n Roll 2.0 TrainerFor the majority of professional cyclists they use a cycle exercise stand to either warm up or for keeping up their peak of physical fitness when they can’t go out on the road. But with your bike clamped into fixed frame not all your muscles are being targeted. Previously the only way to mimic the bikes movement while you train was to use rollers, but they are very difficult to ride upon and need intense concentration all the time just to stay upright, now with the Kinetic rock and roller 2.0 you can concentrate just on the training and target all your cycling muscles.


  • Side to side motion – naturally train the core muscle set as you would out on the road
  • You can use the app with this cycle trainer stand
  • Very quiet
  • Resistance accurately mimic the road resistance
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Difficult to access the rocking adjuster (a 1 time setup)
  • You have to buy the front wheel raiser and mat separately.


Kinetic Rock n Roll 2.0 TrainerInstead of your bike being fixed in place and you having to adapt to the rigidity you can now train with a more natural body movement. Yes this is a great improvement over other “fixed” static trainers. And as such I have no hesitation in recommending this superior cycle trainer stand.

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Features of the Kinetic Rock n Roll 2.0 Trainer

  • High quality frame
  • Patented frame with elastomer pivot points (rock n roller)
  • Fully Assembled
  • Fits 22” to 29” wheels
  • Patented quiet fluid resistor
  • Resistance mirrors outdoor riding
  • Ergonomic touch points
  • Quick release skewer provided for wheels with hollow axles
  • Lifetime warranty

The features in detail

This is the Kinetic road machine 2.0 upgraded with the pivoting system… They have taken an outstanding cycle trainer and have managed to improve on it. So let’s run through what you get with the Kinetic Rock n Roll 2.0.

Normally I start with quality but this trainer is all about the rocker and what it will do for you.

The side to side “rock n roller”

Kinetic Rock n Roll 2.0 TrainerThis patented frame design gives a unique stationary ride, giving a more realistic feel to your training than any other bike trainer out there. Using elastomer pivot points it allows for smooth side to side movement of your bike like it would on a road. The benefits of this is that core muscles that you normally use while cycling get a workout as well, for example all the muscles that you would use for balance and stability. One new rider of this system noted that new muscles on the inside of his legs ached after his work out.

The rocking mechanism itself is hard-wearing quality elastomer pivot which is used in the suspensions of high performance cars.

Quality Frame

The design of the frame allows for bike wheel sizes of 22” to 29” although a separate spacer will be needed to be purchased to fit wheels 22” to 26”.The frame is made from high quality steel which it tig welded and powder coated for long life and durability. It is a sturdy frame which holds the bike securely giving you the confidence to train to you max without the worry of the bike stand tipping over. All of the adjuster knobs are large, ergonomic and rubber coated for better grip and durability. The quality is of such a high standard that Kinetic offer a lifetime warranty on the frame.

Fluid resistor

This patented (yes 2 patents in one trainer stand) fluid resistor is a leader in its field. This resistor uses a large flywheel of 6.25 lb the largest in its class which is connected by powerful rare earth magnets to the sealed fluid resistor. The fluid used is a thermodynamically neutral silicone resistance fluid which gives a constant resistance at any temperature. The resistance fluid is also progressive in its resistance meaning the faster you pedal the more resistance is given, making the ride on the Kinetic Rock n Roll 2.0 trainer as realistic as if you were riding on a road.

Kinetic Rock n Roll 2.0 trainer has a app

Kinetic Rock n Roll 2.0 TrainerThe fluid resistor has extremely predictable resistance curve so that the Kinetic Rock n Roll 2.0 trainer is able to utilize the app. This app and unit installs easily in minutes and you can use the app to access real-time data of your wattage and energy output, it also has 100+ workouts and training plans.

Where to buy the Kinetic Rock n Roll 2.0 trainer

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