2013 Kinetic Road Machine Review

This the 2013 Kinetic road machine by Kinetic is a professional cycle trainer suitable for experienced and fit cyclists and because of its versatility also the unfit novice.

This is Kinetics 2013 introductory model, even though it has been superseded by a newer models like the Kinetic road machine 2.0 this is by no means a bad bicycle trainer, in fact it has been hard for them to improve upon this model, and they still use the same outstanding fluid resistor unit. To see the Kinetic road machine in action click here to go to Kinetics Promotional videos.

The Kinetic Road Machine has an outstanding fluid resistor even though this bicycle trainer has magnets in the resistor unit it does not use them for resistance but as a connector to a patented sealed fluid unit, which contains a thermodynamically neutral liquid silicon that resists a turning impeller blade and in turn is used to slow your bike wheel.


  • Extra stable, stylish platform
  • Patented leak-proof liquid resistor unit with magnetically-coupled driveshaft
  • 6.25 lb flywheel
  • Fits 22”-29” wheels
  • Thermodynamically neutral silicone resistance fluid
  • 80 cooling fans to dissipate heat
  • 2 1/8-inch roller reduces tire wear
  • Quick release spindle
  • unconditional lifetime warranty; lifetime crash replacement policy

So what makes the 2013 Kinetic Road Machine different from other bike trainers?


Let’s start with the radical styling, straight out of the box this complete bike training stand unfolds and is ready for immediate use. The tubular steel frame is designed for stability and the extra wide stance makes it very stable even when standing up and sprinting (which you can!) giving you masses of confidence to push yourself and this machine. The design of this stand allows for a massive range of wheel size to be fitted from 22” to 29” however you do need the optional extra of a spacer for wheel sizes 22”to 26”.


The fluid resistor is truly silent unlike magnetic trainers, users have said the noise made by their bikes chain and gears is the loudest sound while they exercise. Another sound deadening feature is the use of aluminium cooling fins to keep the unit cool and the noise down, unlike other bike trainer stands which use a fan for cooling with the noise of the fan increasing the faster you pedal this has truly silent passive cooling.

The Kinetic road machine is made with a large diameter bar upon which your wheel rests which naturally gears the unit down and makes the unit spin slower reducing vibration, noise and heat generated. Also because of the lower speeds there is less wear and tear on the resistor unit making it long lasting and reliable.


Talking about reliability, other fluid trainers are prone to leak where the rolling bar enters the resistance fluid chamber with failure around the seals and O rings. This is where Kinetic have been very clever and uses a patented magnetic drive system that uses neodymium magnets to connect the drive shaft to the resistor, doing away with seals and O rings the kinetic resistor is a sealed housing with a life time guarantee free from leaks.

Best fluid resistor

The best and most important feature of the Kinetic road machine is the strength of the resistor. Cheaper magnetic resistors are fine for the unfit and weak but the fitter cyclist can easily overcome the strength of the magnets and find magnetic resistor trainers very little help in keeping up their level of fitness over the winter months.

The liquid resistor used on the Kinetic road machine increases its resistance the faster you pedal giving you a much higher resistance to overcome making it perfect for the keen enthusiast and professional cyclist.

Natural road resistance

The clever people over at Kinetic have balanced the unit via its resistance impeller and heavy flywheel to make it feel just like the natural resistance you would get when you are out on the roads, the flywheel even makes you feel like you are freewheeling when you stop or slow down your pedal rate.

You can even do sprint training

I can’t get over how good the fluid resistor is on this unit, you don’t have to get the wheel up to a high speed to make peak resistance, you can even stand up on the pegs and practice sprinting from any speed, something you just cannot do on cheaper magnetic resistance trainers.

More features of the Kinetic road machine

Now to the rest of the features of this excellent bike trainer stand. They are all very similar to other bike trainers but are of a better built and quality. The locking nuts have large handles on them for ease of use, large rubber feet to stop vibration and slippage… This stand oozes quality.

Kinetic are so confident in the quality of their machine that they will give you a lifetime guarantee and you can’t get better than that.

Also included in the box is a quick release spindle for wheels that have hollow axles, because when fitted into the resistor stand the plastic ends will not support the bikes weight.

What I don’t like about the 2013 Kinetic road machine

It’s not the Kinetic road machine itself that I have any problems with it’s the omission of items you would have thought that would have come as standard on a machine of this price, for example a front wheel raiser, floor mat or a travel bag which are optional extras (find prices here).

Where to buy the Kinetic Road Machine

If you want to buy the 2013 Kinetic road machine you can find the best price here at Amazon.com and with their super quick delivery you could be training in super quick time.