Kinetic Road Machine 2.0 Fluid Trainer |Review

The mean green trainer machine is back. The kinetic road machine 2.0 is an updated version of the almost perfect original 2013 kinetic road machine, there has been only one major modification to the frame and that was to accommodate all tires up to 29” x 2.4”, a weight loss of 1lb and the remaining changes only cosmetic, these being the knobs and feet which have been remade into ergonomic ABS plastic over-molded with rubber for better grip and durability. (It was hard to improve on an already great cycle exercise stand)

To see a close up video of this fluid resistance cycle trainer in action click here.

The Good points

High quality fully assembled frame giving you a sturdy, wobble free and reassuring mount for your bike and workout. A fantastic, quiet, realistic resistance unit (the standard set for all other resistance trainers) And the reassurance of a lifetime warranty.

The Bad Points

For the price I would have expected the front wheel raiser and carry bag to come as standard and not as extras.


Better looking than the original kinetic road machine and future proofed with the changes made, I would have no problem recommending this cycle training stand even at the high cost. It does have a lifetime warranty and will outlast any bikes you have and will be with you for a long time to come.

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A full review of the kinetic road machine 2.0

Features of the kinetic road machine 2.0

  • High quality frame
  • Fully Assembled
  • Fits 22” to 29” wheels
  • Patented quiet fluid resistor
  • Resistance mirrors outdoor riding
  • Ergonomic touch points
  • Quick release skewer provided for wheels with hollow axles
  • Lifetime warranty

The features in-depth

The frame

The tough hard-wearing powder coated steel frame is tig welded for durability and made to last a lifetime. With its wide stance when opened up it offers you the reassurance of a rock steady training session, even when you are stood up on the pedals practicing your sprint!

The frame comes fully assembled right out of the box so you could be sat on your bike, training within minutes of unboxing. Then at the end of your session the stand folds flat for easy storage or transportation.

The design of this frame (unlike the cheaper more boxier styles) will allow you to fit any wheel size from 22” to 29”, although you will have to buy an extra spacer for wheel sizes 22” to 26”.

The Patented Kinetic fluid resistor

Why have magnets in it if it’s not a magnetic resistor? Fluid trainers are almost silent, definitely quieter than a magnetic resistor, and give superior, linear resistance for all cyclists whether they are novices or professional athletes.

But the majority of fluid resistors eventually leak, but not this one. The leaks occur where the drive shaft enters the fluid, but not on the kinetic road machine 2.0. This is where the magnets come in….

On the end of the drive shaft are rare earth magnets which mate up with magnets on the impeller so no need for the drive shaft entering the fluid… the fluid and resistor is in a sealed unit which gives the folks over at Kinetic the confidence to offer you a life time warranty on this unit.

OK so no leaks, what else is good about this resistor?

It’s quiet

This is a very silent resistor unit, the fluid resistor is quiet and because of the metal fins it has passive cooling, no cooling fan which it found on most other training stands. One user said the noise from his chain and gears was louder than the resistor unit.

Progressive natural resistance

What does this mean to you? Let’s start with the fluid, it’s thermodynamically neutral liquid silicon, which does not change viscosity or degrades with high heat which is produced while you train.

This makes a steady controllable resistance at all speeds and along with the heavy flywheel mimics the resistance you would feel if you were out on the road, even if you are practicing your sprints.

Quick release skewer

For those of you with wheels with hollow axles a skewer is included along with the trainer stand.

NOTE you do not need this if you have normal or quick release bolts already fitted to your bike.

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