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Is the ViVo© TT Magnetic Bicycle Turbo Trainer the best cheap bike stand?

In this review I’m looking at cheap indoor cycle stands and one that stood out at me is the ViVo© TT Magnetic Bicycle Turbo Trainer. Is this the best cheap exercise stand or is it just rubbish cobbled together?

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For those of you still reading let’s get on with the review. At first looks it doesn’t seem to be any different from any other sub £40 cycle exercise stands, well-built, solid but basic.  However on closer inspection there is a great exception, it has an adjustable magnetic resistor, not only that but it has a remote switch that fits onto the handlebars.

Handlebar Adjustable Resistor

For me this is a must have accessory on any cycle exercise stand. Most cheap stands have a fixed strength resistor making your training more difficult as a beginner and far too easy as you get fitter. With the addition of a 6 variable level handle bar mounted remote you can mix it up during your workout without having to get off your bike. Some people have it on an easy setting for one song then a harder one for the next. It adds fun and a challenge to your workout stopping it from getting boring, you can even use it for my bike trainer workout here.

Metal Bearings

So that’s two of my main criteria that I look for in a good bike trainer stand a quality build and an adjustable resistor. On reading the product information three more noteworthy features stand out. One is the inclusion of metal bearings instead of plastic in the resistor unit. If other bike stands do not using metal bearings but plastic then the ViVo© TT Magnetic Bicycle Turbo Trainer is miles ahead on construction quality. It also explains why there have been complaints on other exercise makes about slippage and a jerky action… Their bearings must have already broken!

Another feature that is only found on higher end bike exercise stands is the ability to fit bike wheels as little as 24” along with the normal range of wheels 26” to 28” and 700c. Most bike trainer stands only cater for a 26” wheel and above, making this suitable for the smaller bikes… It’s not only adults that like to use these trainers I know my kids do too!

The third noteworthy piece of information is that this model is used by Triathlon groups. Unfortunately this cannot be verified, but if true this would suggest that not only is it reliable (because of the amount of use a club would give it) but also that the resistor is a powerful one. Members of a triathlon club should (you expect) be extremely fit and a lot of the cheaper magnetic resistors are not strong enough for a fit fast cyclist.

Other Features

Other recognizable features present which you do find on most other bike trainer stands include:

  • Heavy duty steel construction
  • Fully assembled – Unpack it and you could be training in a matter of minutes
  • Rubber feet to help stop movement and sliding
  • Folds down flat when not in use

What’s missing from the ViVo© TT Magnetic Bicycle Turbo Trainer

  • A front wheel raiser block – This levels your bike when fitted to the stand making your workouts more natural and not pushing your weight onto your wrists
  • A quick release bar – Note: This is only needed if your bike wheel has a hollow axle as the plastic ends are not strong enough to support your weight.

My Conclusion

The ViVo© TT Magnetic Bicycle Turbo is a brilliant budget bike exercise stand and I have no hesitation in recommending it to you. I can see this becoming Amazons best seller.

Buy the ViVo© TT Magnetic Bicycle Turbo Trainer

Buy the ViVo© TT Magnetic Bicycle Turbo here at Amazon where I have found the best price and also other user reviews.

If you want to compare it with Amazons no 1 best seller you can check my review of the BDBikes Bike Magnetic Turbo Trainer here.