Indoor Bike Trainer Exercise Stand | Review

Indoor Bike Trainer Exercise Stand

Welcome to my review of the Indoor Bike Trainer Exercise Stand, Orange, in this review I will find out if this stand is suitable for you? How good is it?

I find the pros and the cons, and if there is anything better or more suitable for you.

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Top features of this Magnetic bike trainer stand

  • Heavy duty construction w/ extra wide frame for stability
  • Sturdy mounting cups reduce slippage (quick release included)
  • Single adjustment, progressive magnetic resistance
  • Compatible with 26 in., 27 in. and 700c bikes
  • With free front wheel block and quick release skewer
  • Foldable for easy storage
  • Vibrant orange color

What is the Indoor Bike Trainer Exercise Stand and who is it for?

The indoor bike exerciser is used by clamping your own bikes back wheel into the stand with the wheel resting on a metal roller.

This roller is attached to a magnetic resistor, which when turned slows down the back wheel when you are pedaling making it feel like you are riding your bike normally on the road.

Giving you a great bike trainer workout in the comfort of your own home.

With this exercise stand you can set the resistor to any strength to suit your personal level of fitness. It is suitable for the amateur cyclist to the experienced but unfortunately not the professional.

The resistor is great for anyone whose normal average speed on the is below 20 miles per hour, but faster than that and you may find the magnetic resistance is not strong enough.

It is a matter of minutes and very easy to fit your bike into this stand thanks to its sturdy mounting cups (see instructions on how to set up stationary bike stand). The mounts hold your bike extremely firm and the trainer stand is made from heavy-duty steel making your bike when you are sat in the stand feel safe and secure. One rider over 6 feet tall and weighing 230 pounds said he felt safe with no chance of his bike falling over.

The mounting bolts come with a quick release for easy dismantling when you have finished with the stand. And the stand folds flattish when not in use for easy storage.

This indoor bike trainer stand comes supplied with a front wheel raiser block (which other brands of stands do not). This is used to raise the front wheel making your bike level while it is clamped into the stand, giving you a natural and normal riding position while you are training and exercising on your bike.

There is a quick release skewer also supplied with the exercise stand and this has led to confusion. This is for bikes with a hollow axle. If you have an older bike you do not need this. Your bike will fit into the clamping cups whether your bike has a quick release bolts or normal nuts.

The Pros.

  • A cheap form of exercise. It is much cheaper to buy this bike exercise stand rather than a purpose-built expensive cycling machine.
  • Great construction from quality parts.
  • Very easy to use. Can be set up in minutes.
  • Suitable for all sizes and ages
  • A great vibrant orange and curved bars make this a fantastic looking indoor bike stand
  • Easy to store because it size when folded down flat.

The Cons.

  • It is heavy, because of its construction from heavy-duty steel and quality parts. However my father who is in his late 70s has no trouble moving and using his bike trainer stand.
  • Not suitable for professional riders. The magnetic resistance is just not strong enough for the extremely fit cyclist.


I have no trouble recommending the Indoor Bike Trainer Stand for anyone looking to exercise in their own home. It has a great stylish sturdy construction which is easy to use and set up. It is well priced compared to other bike trainer stands and is much cheaper and smaller than a cycling machine.

Where to buy this Orange Indoor Bike Trainer Exercise Stand.

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