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Gotobuy Review |An Entry Level Bike Indoor Exercise Stand

Welcome to my review of the Gotobuy bike trainer stand. This is an entry-level bike trainer suitable for the unfit (people just starting training) or people wanting some easy indoor exercise you listen to music or watch TV.

Gotobuy have a couple of bike exercise stands on Amazon but they look the same model but with different descriptive names so this review will be good for them all.

Looking to buy but stumbled upon my review site, then I have found the best price for you over at Amazon. However check out my conclusion to see my recommendations!

Back to the review of the exercise stand… there is very little information given with this product and no main website. However I can surmise a lot from the scant information and pictures supplied.

Let’s start with the given features of this indoor exercise stand

  • Heavy duty stand frame with little noise
  • Foldable compact design for easy storage and travel
  • Fit for bicycles with a wheel of 26″, 700C or wheel dia. between them
  • Dimensions: 55cm x 41cm x 41.5cm/21.7″ x 16.1″ x 16.3″ (W&D&H)

The frame has the same design as most other entry-level cycle trainers and is made from heavy-duty steel, which holds your bike rock steady, giving you a reassuring feeling of safety as you exercise with no worries of tipping over.

This design folds down flat(ish) when not in use making it easy for storage or to move around.

There is some confusion as to the wheel size which will fit into this frame, anything from 10” to 26”… This is wrong! The wheel sizes that will commonly fit into this type of frame are 26” to 28” or a 700c tire.

What Gotobuy is not telling us

There is an image insert of tools in one of the pictures suggesting that the bike trainer needs to be assembled before it can be used.

The resistor unit is the most basic on the market. Featuring a fixed one strength resistor, not a problem for the unfit cyclist, but as you use the exercise machine more and your fitness level increases you may find you can overcome the resistance easily and will need to move up to better model.

An adjustable resistor gives a wider range of resistances from the easy to harder.

This being a budget resistor does not have a flywheel, again not something someone new to bike trainers will notice, but a flywheel makes you overcome its inertia giving you a more realistic and satisfying ride as you exercise.

There are no essential extras like a  front wheel raiser block.

Conclusion… Would I buy the Gotobuy bike trainer stand?

This is a solid, well-built, basic introductory cycle trainer suitable for people wanting to lose weight or get fit…

However its price puts it squarely against Amazons number one best seller, the Magnet Steel Bike Bicycle Indoor Exercise Trainer Stand which is a much better although not perfect (see my review) bike trainer stand.

If the price was cheaper I would not hesitate in recommending the Gotobuy to you but I would advise you to check out the Amazon best seller first here.

Still looking to buy the Gotobuy bike stand then check out Amazon for best price, more images and reviews.

If you want a budget indoor bike trainer stand check out my best cheap bike stand here.