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Get Closer Best Laptop Stand for Cycle Trainer.

Best laptop stand for cycle trainerI need my laptop in front of me while I train… I’ve tried the DIY route of making a platform cable tied to the handlebar (fail). Now it’s time to find a good stable laptop stand for cycle trainer.

How annoying! If you have tried to train while using a laptop for entertainment to while away the time, but having it just out of reach so you have to stop pedaling every time you need to click on the next thing… Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaagh! Frustrating or what?

Time to get everything you need within reach… And there are solutions out there.

I’ve tried to DIY it by tying a board to my handlebars… that did not work in so many ways. First I could not use the handlebars properly and second it was so wobbly my laptop was in danger of falling off.

Look out for the wheel!

Looking at other training setups I have seen the solution in a purpose made laptop platform, but there is a problem. With most laptop stands that I have looked at have legs and supports that won’t clear the front wheel forcing them to be placed to one side of the bike.

I want my laptop directly in front of me and it has to be stable, I don’t want my laptop wobbling and swaying with every vibration that my cycle training makes.

Of course these tables can be used for a multitude of purposes not just laptops. Some people read as they train so they can be used as a book / magazine support. Mobile phones, iPads and tablets are other favorite distractions while training and can also be used with these tables.

How high do you need to go?

Another factor that I am looking for is height… I ride a mountain bike and I want my laptop in reach over the top of my handlebars and not get in the way of my hands.

With my wheel on a wheel raiser and I also have mounted bull bars I need a massive clearance of at least 115cm – 45”

The best desks I have found that suit my criteria are standing computer desks, but it was still hard to find ones that doesn’t have strengthening supports or legs that would get in the way of the front wheel.

I have found an assortment of example tables for you that are suitable as a cycle trainer laptop stand. They range from the expensive dream solution to cheaper work arounds.

Top 5 cycle trainer laptop stands

I’ll start with my best find, while an expensive add-on to your training set up it is one of the cheaper standing desks to be found.

DEVAISE Standing Desk – 55″ Adjustable with Crank Handle (White)

If you wish to check out the price or buy it, I have linked it to Amazon  here

NOTE: the 55” is the width of the table top not the height it goes up to… This had me fooled with many tables to start with.

I’ll run through the features and why they make this bike laptop stand so good

  • HEIGHT ADJUSTABLE: Adjustable height from 29.5″ to 45.5″ with a smooth crank – This is high enough even for my bike.
  • ADJUSTABLE FEET: can adjust 1-1.5 cm lengths, made the table keep stable even on uneven floor – I’ve not seen this feature on other tables and is essential in my garage.
  • QUALITY DESK TOP: Desktop is made of 1″ thickness eco-friendly MDF, waterproof and anti-scratch – Great feature for in a training room, easy clean and long-lasting looks.
  • SPACIOUS WORKSPACE: 55.1″ W x 23.6″ D workspace provides large area for 2 monitors at a comfortable position. – OK this may be a bit large for some but I do have plenty of space in my garage.
  • COMMERCIAL QUALITY: Ensure years of use; Weight capacity up to 100 lbs. – There is no way I’m going to put that much weight on it but it does reassure me of its quality and that it will not shake or vibrate at the slightest touch.
  • Pull out the crank handle to adjust the desk height, and push in it under the desktop after reaching your desired height – Neat and tidy and easily adjustable to get the correct height.
  • LIFTING SPEED is about 0.2″ / turn; from the lowest to highest, it’s about 80 turns – Not essential but it does mean you can get the height spot on.

48″ Crank Adjustable Height Standing Desk (Black Frame / Matte Black Top)

Amazon link if you wish for more information here.

Again don’t be fooled by the 48” that is not the height. This stand only rises to 43.75” (110cm) not high enough for me but should be plenty for most bikes.

This stand doesn’t have adjustable feet like the on above but it does have wheels making it easier to move if that is essential for you.

Also it comes in a range of colors and work tops if you are color coordinating your training room.


  • Easily adjusts from sit to standing with a smooth crank adjustment from 29″ – 42.75″
  • The desk top and frame come in a variety of unique color options to fit your unique style or environment
  • The large shelf design gives you plenty of work space and the powder coat painted frame is heavy-duty ensuring years of use
  • Wheeled base

North Bayou Sit Stand Laptop Desk Mount Arm Height Adjustable Stand Up Workstation for 11 to 17 inch Notebook

This is worth checking out as an alternative to the usual laptop stands. You can do so here on Amazon

This is a totally different set up for those of you that have a very limited space.

It is a laptop stand on an adjustable arm. Clamp it to a nearby suitable surface and it can be swung out into the perfect position.

If your training set up is next to a wall I would imagine you could make a wall mounting for it to clamp onto.


  • Fits most 11″ to 17″ notebook, support load from 2.2 to 13.2 lbs (1-6 kg).high quality materials design providing long-lasting use
  • Switch work position in a matter of seconds with the help of the gas-spring arm featured on this mount
  • The simple construction of the workstation makes it fast and easy to install, both grommet and clamp basement are available
  • 18.9” upright travelling distance,38.1” max extension and 360° swivel, easily adjust the arm to suit your viewing needs
  • Easy push out of the way when no longer needed

Samson SALTS50 LTS50 Laptop Stand

Link to Amazon here

The highest laptop stand in my selections, but very reminiscent of school music stands and we know how prone they were for falling over! But this is a well-made, sturdy affair that you can get close up and personal with while training on your cycle.

  • Heavy duty laptop stand with tripod base
  • Silicon surface holds laptop securely in place
  • Tilt control on laptop surface for optimal viewing
  • Roadworthy steel construction (LOL you can take it with you on ride outs!)
  • Adjustable up to 4.5′ in height

Flash Furniture Height Adjustable Mobile Laptop Computer Desk with Black Top

If you wish for an up to date price you can find it here at Amazon

Not ideal but very affordable. May not be the perfect height but it will get the laptop close to you.

This movable laptop stand has a small but sturdy base and you should be able to get it very close to your bike with good stability for your laptop. Again not high enough for my mountain bike but at 37.5” (95cm) it may be high enough for you.


  • Portable Design
  • Laptop Table or Speaker Lectern
  • Black Laminate Finish
  • Half Moon shaped work surface with cut-out
  • Pneumatic Frame Height Adjustment
  • Heavy Duty Nylon Base
  • Dual Wheel Casters

Summary of finding a Laptop Stand for Cycle Trainer

It can get very expensive getting your perfect training set up but there are alternatives to the obvious.

Try to avoid tables that will be rendered useless by your front wheel and measure the height of your bike while it is set up on your stand to get an idea of the clearance you need.

I do hope I have given you ideas and tips to choose your cycle training laptop stand.

Thank you for visiting and you check out more helpful posts like the popular “how to make a quiet cycle trainer

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