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Cycle Training Optional Extras

Training on training standCycle as fast as you can, train harder but still time still drags by; your training room has become your torture room. Indoor cycling is hard and boring! It shouldn’t be like that and it need not be.

I have come across many extras that other cyclists use to improve their training setup, making a better training experience and easier.

I have listed them below and how they help you:

Cycle training mats

Link to Amazon for more information and best price.

An essential extra used by many with a multitude of uses. These can be used to reduce the noise produced by your trainer especially through the floor to other rooms.

Cycle mats are also used as sweat collectors, they are much easier to clean than some floors.

They are also used as floor protectors, stopping scratching and stains from damaging wooden floors and carpets.

Finally they help reduce some of the vibrations that you tire makes, giving you a more pleasing training experience.

Check out my post on “The best cycle training mats” here.

Wheel Raiser

If you did not get one with your cycle trainer you can find one here.

Used by many to raise the front wheel level with the back one. Prolonged use without one can cause wrist and back ache.


Link to Amazon for examples and best price. Click here.

This is an essential piece of kit. You have to keep cool. With no forward motion creating a cooling wind you will over heat, causing you a loss in performance and overheating also makes for an uncomfortable training session.

Check out my post on best fans for indoor bike training

Trainer tires

I have linked you some training tires for more information click here.

Cycle training tires are used by the best to reduce vibration and a vast amount of noise produced while training compared to a normal road tire.

These tires are also long-lasting, used instead of road tire which can quickly degrade in a cycle trainer stand.

For more information about trainer tires check out my post on tire wearing in a turbo trainer.

Sweat nets / Cycle thong

See the different designs here on Amazon

Sweat is a killer of bikes as it promotes corrosion in the joints and crevices on your bike. If you have a carbon frame these are especially prone to corrosion and precautions do have to be made against sweat dripping on the frame. These sweat nets are easy to install and could save your bike.

Do you even need a sweat net? You can find more information and my recommendations for best cycle thong and sweat nets on my post here.

Laptop stand

To entertain myself while training I like to watch YouTube videos on my laptop. But I had a problem, every time I wanted to start a new video I had to stop and get off my bike.

I tried to DIY it and strap a planck to my handlebars, but thet just made it hard to get my hands on the bars and was so wobbly I thought my laptop would fall off.

A shop made stand for me is the only alternative. You can find a link to my article on “Best laptop stand for indoor bike turbo trainers” here

Smart trainers

For examples there is a large selection to choose from here

Staring at a wall is extremely boring but cycle trainers have come a long way to to keep you focused and these types are called “smart” trainers. They work in sync with an app of your choice and when they are connected together the Smart Trainer adjusts the resistance to mirror what you see on the app. Harder for uphill; easier on level ground etc.

Smart trainers and a suitable app can keep you entertained and focused for hours on end.

They are that good that a whole new sport has grown up around them!

Mobile phone holder

Find an example here. Quad lock bike mount for phone

This is an often overlooked (but now you know about) an obvious essential extra. You can mount your mobile phone to your bike keeping it hands free but well in visual sight for checking your power outage or speed app.