How to convert bike to stationary bike

Converting your bike to a stationary bike exercise machine is very simple with the use of a bike trainer stand. If you haven’t already got a bike stand may I recommend the number one best seller, I have made a review of it here or if you want to save money I have made a post on the best budget bike stand.

For those of you who have bought a bike stand that has come with little or no instructions and are unsure how to secure your bike into it here are some instructions.

Instructions for fitting a bike into a stationary bike exercise stand

1. Open the Bike stand to its full extent



2. Find a level solid floor to place the stand upon

3. Open the retentive screws so your bike wheel will fit in




4. Now the tricky bit… lift your bikes back wheel so the retaining bolts on the stand are level with your bike rear wheel nuts, then tighten the retaining bolts until they hold your bike upright and centralized on the exercise stand. Continue to tighten until your bike is held fast with no movement and is completely stable.


5. We now want to push the metal roller against the bikes back tire. Most bike exercise stands have an adjusting screw underneath the bar and magnet resistor. Tighten this so it is firm against the tire. You want the bar to be pressing onto the tire, not just touching it but also not too tight that you are deforming the tire.

Optional Extras

  • If your bike stand comes with a front wheel raiser, place this under the front wheel (if you don’t have one but want your bike to be level put some books under the wheel instead!)
  • Attach the remote magnetic adjuster to your handlebar.


If your bike has a hollow spindle on your back wheel the plastic covers are not strong enough to support the bike in the exercise frame. You must fit a quick release bar (a matter of minutes). These come supplied with some exercise bike stands if you don’t have one you can find them here.

Now you know how to convert bike to stationary bike exercise machine you may want to check out my beginner bike trainer workout plan for getting fit.

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