Can I use a turbo trainer with quick release wheels?

Can I use a quick release wheel?Your bike has quick release wheels and you are wondering if you can use a turbo trainer with quick release wheels? Good news YES you can.

In fact I have seen high-end trainers that will accept no other type of fitting. Warning: some quick release fasteners are not suitable for training stands and there are still other problems you may encounter which I will address below.

Protect your bike

With the expense and great styling of bikes today they are, to some an accessory or even an icon… to be cherished loved and most importantly looked at with envy by other riders.

And a turbo trainer can put an end to that!

OK I’ve gone a little over the top here but I have seen reports of people’s complaints that the quick release gets scuffed and scratched in the mounting clamps.

Not a problem for most of us but some bikes do have curved or anodized quick release wheels which complement their bike, which reasonably owners do not want damaged, marring the looks of their pride and joy.

But there is an easy work around.

Below is a video of how to replace your quick release skewer.

Most cycle trainer stands do come with their own quick release skewer or if not you could get on from Amazon here… and these are simply and easily swapped out with the original.

This replacement skewer is then the one to be used in the turbo trainer and can be clamped in as tight as needed.

Your skewer may fail

Another reason to swap the bike skewer for one that is purpose made for turbo trainers is for strength. I have found an example here on Amazon if you want more details.

Some bike skewers have plastic end covers that are not strong enough for a turbo trainer.

If these light weight skewers are used in a bike trainer stand there is a very high chance of failure causing your bike to fall out of the trainer with you on it!

Can you use a turbo trainer skewer on the road?

Some people are not concerned for the looks but are for safety, but don’t want to swap the skewer every time they want to ride on the road. They then wonder if a trainer skewer is suitable for the road.

Yes they are… in fact the trainer skewers are stronger but heavier than most quick release mountings that come supplied with bikes.

I hope you have found this article helpful. If you have any other queries about fitting quick release wheels to turbo trainers please leave me a comment below.

For other problems answered about turbo trainers check out my FAQ above

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