Can I use a turbo trainer tyre on the road? Get out quicker

Loving cycling and tyresThe sun is shining the roads are dry but your bike is still in the damn turbo trainer. No time to change the tires… and you’re off. Literally! You are a stain on the road and your bike is under a car! NO you can’t use a turbo trainer tyre on the road.

Why can’t you use a trainer tire on the road?

Unlike road tires cycle trainer tires are made to withstand the heat produced during a training session without melting as it  constantly rolls across the roller.

It is also super smooth to reduce juddering and therefore slippage as you power your bike through your training workout and not made to have no grip or have resistance as you need on the road.  Also as a bonus it is super hard and made to last a long time.

Manufacturers have managed this by making them hard and smooth the opposite of your favourite road tire, which is grippy and soft.

I’m sad to say that a training tire and the road are not a match made in heaven.

I was going to note it’s unfortunate that I couldn’t find a YouTube video of someone riding on the road with a trainer tire but no… on reflection I’m glad I couldn’t. I hate to see a bike damaged for no reason.

What are you options for a quick change of tire?

There are I’m afraid limited options for you here.

The first is to change your tire every time you want to ride out or use the indoor trainer… But think of it a practice for when you are in a race. You could end up faster than a F1 pit crew!

Yes I know having to change a tire ever time is a pain but it is the cheapest option.

Video tips below for difficult to fit tires or use them to improve your technique.

But if time is of the essence you could look for a second wheel that permanently has your trainer tire on. Just swap this out for your road wheel when you want to train. This is much quicker than changing the tire every time.

But it can cost a lot!

You will not only need to get a wheel but a cassette along with it and this can be an expensive option. An example of price can be found here.

Then there are second-hand wheels. If you could get hold of one of these it will reduce the cost, unfortunately second-hand wheels appear to be rare as hens teeth but this is a route you could look at.

Amazingly you could get a whole used bike cheaper than a new replacement wheel! If you have the space you would then have a dedicated bike for the trainer and on for the road. No swapping tires or dismantling your trainer to get the bike out… Just grab your road bike and go.

The final suggestion is to get a tire that is suitable for the cycle trainer and the road. Yes really! A tire that keeps cropping up and being suggested as a good all-rounder on forums is the Continental GatorSkin DuraSkin Tire– I’ve added a link to Amazon if you want more information.

Still unsure about using a road tire on a bike trainer stand then check out the post I wrote on “Will my tire wear on a turbo trainer


I hope you follow my advice and don’t use your turbo trainer tyre on the road however

If you ignore my advice please film it as I’m missing that video and it would look good in this article. Just joking …Don’t do it.

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