Bike Lane Pro Trainer | Review

Bike Lane Pro Trainer Review

I review this smart stylish all black Bike Lane Pro Trainer, I’ll be looking to see if it’s suitable for you, I’ll find the pros and the cons and if there is a better more suitable bike exercise machine out there.

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The Bike Lane Pro Trainer features

  • State of the art technology: As soon as you begin to pedal, the ultra QUIET internal magnet creates resistance. You can easily increase the resistance by shifting the gears on your bike!
  • 5 speed adjuster.
  • Extra Durable, features the finest materials and proven reliability. We stand behind every product we sell and back it up with a 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Extremely Portable: The MAG Trainer is extremely light and it can be folded down like an ironing board for travel and storage
  • Maximum Stability, one of the most robust and sturdy stands on the market. Extra wide legs and a sturdy frame makes this the trainer the pros choose
  • Riser block included and quick release bar.

A bike trainer stand is one of the best ways to exercise in the comfort of your home, whether you want to avoid the roads or the cold and rain you can’t go far wrong with a Bike Lane Trainer.

has all the features you would expect from a stand in this price range plus it also comes with a resistor adjuster which you can fit to your handlebars and a front wheel raiser that other models do not include in their packages.

Let’s go over the features

A problem with many exercise bike stands is that they are noisy! The state of the art ultra-quiet internal magnet supplied with this bike stand is a big step in the direction for a quiet work out, although the type of tire you have on your bike is also a large contributor to noise pollution.

I recommend that if noise will be a problem in your household then equipping your bike with road tires in conjunction with the Bike Lane pro Trainer is the way to go…Avoid knobbly tires.

A big bonus that comes with this trainer is the handlebar mounted resistance adjuster. You can either set the resistance to suit your fitness level (make the bike harder or easier to peddle) or you can mix it up for a varied workout.

One user sets it on hard for one song then makes it easier for the next, playing with the settings as he goes, no need to get off your bike to make adjustments like with other bike exercise stands.

This bike stand is made from high strength steel, which is excellent because it gives the stand and you on your bike stability, no wobbles or fear of tipping over, added to the fact are the extra wide legs this is a very robust stationary bike stand. One user over 6 feet and weighing 230 pounds said that he had no fear of tipping off the bike.

This cleverly made bike stand is designed to fold flat(ish) when not in use, for easy storage or portability.

Two items that are included with the Bike Lane Pro Trainer is:

  • A front wheel raiser. When the front wheel raiser is used it levels your bike our making training that little bit easier, taking the weight off your wrists which would happen if no raiser was used.
  • A quick release bar. There has been some confusion over this… Most bikes do not need the bar, it is only for bike wheels that have hollow spindles, because the plastic ends are not strong enough to be held in the clamps. Most other wheels are fine because the stand clamps to the metal wheel nuts already on your bike.


  • Stylish
  • Strong
  • Durable
  • All the extras you need are included
  • Handlebar mounted adjuster


  • The weight! I know it says in the features that it is extremely light, however it is made from high strength steel, the overall weight is 22.5 lbs…But my father who is in his 70s manages with his bike stand no problem.
  • If you are a professional or extremely fit bike rider the resistance may not be enough for you. One owner commented “it doesn’t seem to simulate more than about a 20 degree incline. Its fine for most purposes, but it won’t be able to provide the full resistance you would find in a gym bike.”


If you are looking to ride your bike in the comfort of your own home then I will not hesitate to recommend the Bike Lane Pro Trainer to you.

It is a stylish, fully equipped, strong and durable stationary bike workout stand and is suitable for any level of fitness, although the fittest may find it a little easy!

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