When is the best time to buy bike trainer stand from Amazon?

Now! OK not very helpful if you are reading this a few months from when I’m writing this post in July.

Let me start again, I started my research into bike trainer stands at the beginning of June, now only one month later some of my research is out of date because the prices at Amazon have been reduced.

Odd I thought, is there a price war on… has the Chinese economy dropped and we are now importing their exercise stands ultra-cheap? Not so, it’s because we are not buying indoor exercise stands at this time of year, everyone it out on the open road with the wind in their hair and the sun on their face… Yep it’s summer.

No one is buying indoor bike trainers while the sun is out, and the few that are will be getting bargains as the suppliers drop their prices as they chase the few shoppers out there.

I was curious as to when the market and therefore the prices will pick up… So I found a site that tracks data and our shopping habits (Google Trends) and found that we start to buy trainer stands around September and go through to March.

So when is the best time to  buy bike trainer stand from Amazon?

Going off this data and what I am personally seeing with my research, shows that May to September is the best time to buy bike trainer stand from Amazon. There are massive savings to be had, many trainer stands with tens of dollars slashed off the price. See my review of Amazons best buy here. It’s not only the USA that is getting these bargains but also the UK with their best seller BDBikes Bike Magnetic Turbo Trainer .

The high-end professional cycle trainer stands have also had their price discounted like the Kinetic Rock n Roller 2.0 …. and in the UK the popular kinetic road machine 2.0.

Buy now even if you are not going to train indoors until the cold and wet winter months.

Check out the bargains here at USA Amazon.com or UK Amazon.co.uk here. Don’t wait for the prices to go up!

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