Best Cycle thong. Do you even need a sweat net?

cycle thong, sweat netA good workout will make you sweat but this could ruin your bike! There is a cheap and easy solution to protect your bike from sweat damage and that’s by the fitting of a sweat net. I give you a roundup of the best cycle thong and let you know what to look for and avoid and alternatives.

You have just finished your best workout yet, just got to wipe the bike down before jumping into the shower… But what’s this? Pitting in the alloy! Was it there before?

Sweat is a bike killer especially on carbon framed bikes. Two differing materials plus the salt solution from your sweat has the makings of an electric battery add in an electrolyte like sweat and corrosion occurs, spoiling the look of your bike and more importantly its integral strength.

If you haven’t got a carbon bike don’t look smug and think that you are OK. Any type of cycle is at risk! Sweat over time can destroy your head and crank bearings, it gets everywhere!

What is needed is a barrier to soak up and stop the sweat reaching your bike. An immediate solution is to use towels (bet you thought I was going to say sweat nets) and if you sweat a lot two towels.

However towels are not perfect, they are bulky, cumbersome and difficult to mount properly. They also get in the way of your knees especially when you stand up and they do slip off, OK not much of a problem but it is a niggle and we hate those.

I’ve found an interesting video about handlebar protection, worth watching for the info contained in it. But I’ve linked it because it shows images of sweat corroded handlebars.

Links to products mentioned in the video


Knog Oi Bell Aluminium Bike Bell –

For less than the price of a towel you can get a cycle training sweat net or if you prefer a bike thong (made me giggle when I heard them called that because that’s what I was thinking of!), with none of the above problems.

These slim line sweat nets are easy to fit, don’t get in the way of your training and are easy to wash. Most have a Velcro or elastic fastening that goes around the seat post with two more fastenings that wrap around the handlebars, quick on and quick off… Perfect.

Best of all even though they are narrow sweat nets work. In all my research I have not seen one comment saying that towels are better.

What are the problems?

They do look like you have just done a wash and are drying your thong on your bike.

Not the most stylish thing you can buy for your bike, but they do work and look better than towels strapped to your bike.

Talking about washing some of these “bike thongs” are hand wash only, probably because of the Velcro or plastic buckles. Not much of a problem I’m sure, but it is one more thing you have to do when you want to use your trainer.

A question that popped into my head as soon as I saw one of these sweat nets is “They are so thin does it catch anything?” Well surprisingly yes they do catch a lot of sweat, not all of it but your head stock is protected.

Bonus feature to look for

If you sweat a lot and have your mobile phone attached to your bike and you also want that protected. Some sweat nets have clear plastic pockets that protect your phone which you can still use and see it while you train.

There are others that have extra pockets on for remote controls or any other small device you would like to keep handy, but watch out for complaints, some of these pockets get in the way of mounting the sweat net.

Best bike thong that I recommend

Amazingly all the sweat nets I’m going to recommend are at a very similar price and all with rave reviews. They all work and are easy to fit so your choice comes down to any special features you like or even just the color.

I have put these in order of my preference but all of these cycle thongs are great.

Blackburn Sweat Net

Amazons most popular bike thong and their best seller. It’s a basic no frills cycle sweat net with plenty of positive reviews

It looks like and it actually is made out of terry cloth. So not as stylish as others but it is functional and it does work.

Good news it doesn’t say hand wash so one chore less at the end of your training session, just pop it in the wash when you are finished.

If you are interested you can check it out here for more details and price check.

RockBros Bicycle Trainer Sweat Net

Amazon recommended buy I think because of its looks, because it is more stylish than the Blackburn sweat net.

This sweat net will collect your sweat and protect your bike but unfortunately is hand wash only, sadly one more chore to do at the end of your training session.

The main conclusion I took away from reading reviews from other owners is…”Yes it works, stops sweat and protects the head stock”

I have found links to Amazon if you want to check out it’s price

Wide RockBros Bicycle Trainer Sweat Net

This is the big brother to the one above, wider by 1.5” (5cm) and longer than the other sweat nets above but slightly more expensive.

The image shows it fitted to a road bike however I would think that this wide boy would be better suited to a mountain bike.

Because of its size it will catch more sweat, my concern was that maybe your knees would catch on it but there are no accounts or complaints about this from other owners.

This is another sweat net that has to be hand washed but this shouldn’t take long.

For more details I have linked it to Amazon if you would like more information.

Deuter Bike Sweat Net Frame Guard

This sweat net caught my eye because of the mobile phone pocket, but on closer inspection I realized that because of this plastic pocket that there is very little absorbency material to collect your sweat.

However there are no complaints of sweat running off and onto the bike so it must work.

This is one for the avid mobile phone user.

If you think that a phone pocket is a good idea I have linked this sweat net here to Amazon for you.

Summary of best cycle thong

You do need to protect your bike from sweat no matter what type or material it is made from. Sweat like salt on the road will find its way into every crook and cranny and you will save yourself trouble in the future by buying a cycle sweat net now rather than later.

Unless you have a store of spare towels a sweat net is a cheaper and easier way to soak up your killer sweat.

Thank you for visiting my site check it out there is more here you may find interesting.

You can reduce the amount you sweat with a cooling fan. Check out my article on fans for bike training here.

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