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Best cheap indoor bike trainer stand

USA top bike exercise stands under $100We all want to save money especially when we are trying something new, like a bike exercise stand.

I’ve been looking for a cheap indoor bike trainer stand and they are not all as cheap or as good as they first appear.

Ok it’s easy to go through the listings and find the cheapest stand but is it any good? If it’s cheap then corners must have been cut… Where?

I’ve been researching indoor bike stands and I know what to look for, so let’s start with the cheapest on Amazon…

I’m going to compare them to Amazons best seller and my personal recommendation as the best bike stand for value (find my review of the magnet steel bike bicycle indoor exercise trainer stand here).

The Magnetic Indoor Bicycle Bike Trainer Exercise Stand 5 levels of Resistance is at an amazing price but it has a hidden extra which is shipping coming in at $12.97

Even with the cost of shipping it is still a bargain.

What else have they cut? Well it’s much lighter than other stands so I can only guess that less or thinner metal has been used, does this mean it’s not safe…

….well to be fair to them, a max weight has been given of 250 pounds whereas most other bike stands do not include a max weight.

There are no reviews to indicate the build quality So I’m afraid I can’t recommend this bike stand.

Five Adjustable Resistance Magnet Steel Bike Bicycle Indoor Exercise Trainer Stand

a cheap price even with shipping cost added. Cheaper than the best seller but I’m afraid in the reviews there are complaints about cheap and broken parts.

So I believe that cheaper components have been used. While I have been researching this product there has been a price drop dropping the price below $50.

My best cheap indoor bike trainer stand.

My research was telling me that there is no point in getting a low price bike exercise stand because for the savings of a few dollars it was not worth getting an inferior product compared to Amazons best seller.

However with the price drop of the Five Adjustable Resistance Magnet Steel Bike Bicycle Indoor Exercise Trainer Stand to below $50, I have to say that this is a good buy… Definitely the best cheap indoor bike trainer stand on sale at Amazon at the moment.

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