BDBikes Bike Magnetic Turbo Trainer

Hi and welcome to my review of the BDBikes Bike Magnetic Turbo Trainer, the UK Amazons number 1 bestseller in the bike trainer stand category. I’ll find out if it is a great buy and if it is suitable for you or even if there is a better exercise bike stand out there.

Looking just to buy and not for a review of the BDBikes Bike Magnetic Turbo Trainer  then I recommend you buy here from Amazon for their quick delivery time and discounted price (£25 off at the time of writing).

Ok on with the review, let’s look at the list of features and then break them down as to what’s so good about them and what could be better.

Features of the BDBikes Bike Magnetic Turbo Trainer

  • Constructed from heavy duty steal
  • Non-Slip Feet for secure use
  • Quick Release for instant mount dismount of the bike
  • Magnetic resistance, quieter than air resistance trainers
  • 6 variable levels controlled from your handlebars
  • Heavy Duty Resistance Controller
  • Heavier Flywheel smoother changing
  • Suits all Standard Mountain and Road Bikes
  • Fully Assembled – put your bike on and peddle
  • Easy one movement fold-down for storage and quick redeployment
  • Wheel Rest Supplied
  • Skewer supplied Campagnolo look-alike so can be left in the bike between use
  • FULL 12 Month (no quibble) Warranty

Is this what you want? Features explained.

The first point is quality construction; made from heavy-duty steel this bike exercise stand is solid and sturdy which holds the bike firm and securely, giving you a sense of security while exercising with no fear of toppling over. The addition of non-slip feet increases the stability and will stop the frame from moving even while you are training at your max.

The addition of a quick release to the mounting bolts is a great addition overlooked by other manufacturers. After you have first set your bike up it’s a simple matter of flipping the release and removing your bike…But the best part is that the next time you come to fit your bike into the frame it’s all set up for you in the right position, just lock the quick release and you are good to go in a matter of seconds.

If noise is a problem for you and I must admit it is a concern for most of us as we like to use the bike trainer indoors while listening to music or watching TV, then the magnetic resistor is much quieter than a bike trainer that uses air as a resistor.

BDBikes Bike Magnetic Turbo Trainer The BDBikes Bike Magnetic Turbo Trainer comes with an added feature of a resistance adjuster that fits to you handlebars for ease of use. Why would you want this? Well let’s face it just sitting there peddling away can get a little dull, but if you want to add variation to your exercise then you can mix it up and have an easy stint followed by a harder one. See my workout plan for bike trainers for more details. Cheaper bike stands have the adjuster mounted by the magnet so you have to dismount to make adjustments. Even cheaper basic bike resistance trainers do not even have an adjuster and are set at a fixed resistance.

Heavy Duty Resistance Controller… Well this has me stumped, I’m not sure what this means or why you need a heavy-duty one… Let’s hope this stands for quality…It does look well-made compared to some other magnetic adjusters.

Buy the BDBikes Bike Magnetic Turbo Trainer here.

Heavier Flywheel smoother changing… Again this makes little sense to me. But a heavier flywheel is a good thing as it gives better resistance making this Turbo trainer suitable for more people, from the very unfit or injured to the seasoned cyclist looking to keep fit when they can’t go out on the roads.

Suits all Standard Mountain and Road Bikes. This is an important point! Does your bike fit into this exercise stand? I’m afraid I can’t give you the exact wheel dimensions that will fit into this frame even their main BDBikes site gives no details. However in all the reviews I have read there are no complaints about their bike not fitting.

The BDBikes Bike Magnetic Turbo Trainer comes fully assembled which is great, remove from the box and you could be exercising in a matter of minutes… Perfect. Any problems see my instructions for setting up a bike trainer stand.

Because of the great design of this indoor bike trainer stand when you are finished it folds down flat making it easy to store or transport.

Extras that come with the BDBikes Bike Magnetic Turbo Trainer

Front wheel stand – This raises the front wheel to the same as the back making your bike feel level while you are exercising on it and not as if you are riding downhill all the time.

Skewer – This is only needed if you have a hollow axle on your bike as the plastic covers are not strong enough to support your bike in the frame. It is only a matter of minutes to fit and remove if you need it.

DO NOT buy a new wheel so you can use this skewer. Most wheels mounts will fit into this stand with no problem.

FULL 12 Month (no quibble) Warranty. Brilliant!

In Conclusion.

The BDBikes Bike Magnetic Turbo Trainer is a great buy that I have no problems in recommending to you. There are cheaper bike exercise stands out there but they don’t all come fully loaded with quality parts or great owner reviews like this quality stand.

Where to buy?

I recommend you buy the BDBikes Bike Magnetic Turbo Trainer from Amazon here for its great price and quick deliver time, which will have you training super-fast.