About me

Phill Owner of biketrainerstands.comHi my name is Phill and welcome to my site Biketrainerstands.com. I am a 53-year-old overweight lazy man. Living in the picturesque but hilly Pennines in the UK.

Lazy! Overweight! What gives me the right to make a site about exercise machines?

Well I’ve not always been overweight. A few years ago I was a keen cyclist, not a club member or racer, but I liked to ride my bike for fun. I was a fair weather cyclist so in bad weather the bike stayed in the garage and over the winter months I bemoaned the fact that I was getting unfit. So for a birthday present I was bought a bike trainer stand, “brilliant” thought I just what I need. I immediately set it up and got on my bike… What a disappointment. It was useless! I was pedaling too fast and there was next to no resistance, so the exercise stand got shelved.

Fast forward 3 years I’d stopped riding my bike and gained 2 stone… I’d become a couch potato, the fat lazy thing I am now.

However one of my kids had spotted the bike trainer stand and set it up, used it then left it out as kids do… I needed the space and decided to put it away, but first I thought I’d get back on the bike and give it a go… OMG… I couldn’t turn the wheel in top gear, I dropped down the gears and pedaled away for a minute or two and I was huffing and puffing like an old boiler… this was brilliant! Now I could see why people used these bike exercise training stands… I could do this and get fit again… But I put it away and never got it out again.

I got to talking about my experience to my friends and they also thought it would be great to exercise indoors at home, but they all said “which is the best indoor bike trainer stand to get?”

Now you are going to find out why I became unfit… I love to do research… I can sit in front (and do) of my computer for hours researching products and interests… I love it! But I did nothing with the information I had gleaned from the internet, now I’m making this site to let you know all my research into indoor bike trainer stands, I know you’ll find it useful and I hope to save you time from sitting in front of your computer.

PS. All this research is getting me motivated to get my bike stand out again 🙂