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5 things to look for in a good road bike trainer stand.

Confused by the similarity of bike trainer stands yet wonder why they have such differing prices. Is this your 1st bike exercise stand and you’re not sure what to look for? Then below in this post I will point out 5 things to look for in a good road bike trainer stand.

Check out Amazons number one best seller here, as a guide, as I go through the features to look for, as I describe them below.

What to look for in a road bike trainer stand.

1. Quality

Being able to do the same exercise on your road bike but at home in the dry and comfort, you need to feel safe and confident while you peddle so the 1st think to look for is build quality. Look for one that is made from reinforced steal. I know that makes it heavy but it will be solid with no flex. It’s no good buying a flimsy bike trainer stand that wobbles when you get on, and with a chance of toppling over.

 2. Stability

To go along the quality you need stability. You find stability in the strength of the frame as above but also with a wide stand, check out the dimensions and look for extra wide frame in the features. Also an aid to stability is the inclusion of rubber or non-slip feet.

3. Size matters

One thing that’s over looked when buying a stand is the size, will your bike wheel fit into the frame? To keep the cost down some frames are made with very little adjustment and will only fit the largest size of wheel. It’s no good getting the exercise frame home and finding your bike doesn’t fit… And with the weight and cost of packaging it is probably not worth returning the product.

4. Noise

Is noise a problem for you? Some bike trainer stands are noisier than others (although most magnetic resistors are very quiet), but if you want to train in near silence, either because of other people or you want to listen to music or the TV then you have to check out the reviews for noise complaints.

5. Magnetic resistors

Getting onto the magnetic resistors, you have to check these out for the ability to adjust them. You can set them for little resistance if you are unfit or getting over an injury, or you can set them for grater resistance for the fitter cyclist who just wants to keep in training while the weather is bad. The better bike trainer stands come with a remote adjuster that clips to your handlebar while the cheaper has the adjuster on the magnetic resistor under the wheel, and the very cheap poorly made resistors have only one fixed setting

6. Remote resistance adjuster

Look for a remote resistance adjuster, these are a very handy option to have. It can get very boring just exercising at the same level all the time, but with the adjuster on your handlebar you can easily mix the resistance for a more fun, entertaining and  better workout. Some people set the resistance to easy for one song then hard for the next, or you may want to follow a workout routine for bike trainer stands.

7. Extras

Look for the extras that come with the bike stand, these may be a front wheel raiser block which levels your bike making your workout more comfortable without pushing you weight forward and onto your wrists. Some of the more modern and better bikes come with hollow spindles on the back wheel but the plastic covers are not strong enough to take the weight of the bike when fixed into the exercise frame, however with the fitting of a quick release bar (a matter of minutes) your bike will be strong enough and stable.

I hope you find my tips of things to look for in a good road bike trainer stand helpful. If you are still confused check out my top 3 bike exercise stands or Amazons best seller.

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